LEED Compliant Wood Lockers

Forest Stewardship Council - FSC - Florida Lockers uses certified wood

What Does LEED Mean
In Your Lockerroom?

Wood Lockers that are Certified Environmentally Friendly

LEED Compliant:
An Environmentally-Friendly Upgrade

By our strategic partnership with Columbia Forest Products, Florida Lockers provides wood lockers that are unmatched for durability, beauty, cost-effectiveness and, as an available upgrade option, certified environmentally friendly.

The Forest Stewardship Council®  (FSC®) monitors and certifies forests which are actively engaged in reforestation programs. This means the certified wood Florida Lockers uses in your LEED-compliant wood lockers, is from a forest which is being properly managed for the environment and future generations.

As important as the environment is, many years of manufacturing wood lockers have taught us durability is a top priority. Our concern for the environment and durability of our wood lockers directed us to our selection of Columbia Forest Products and their family of environmentally-friendly materials:

With these materials, we have secured the assurance your decision to select LEED compliant lockers will result in a beautiful finished product that is both good for the environment and tough as nails, in a manner of speaking.



Certified Wood by Columbia Forest ProductsCertifiedWood™, by Columbia Forest Products, is harvested only from FSC certified forests, and bears an FSC ecolabel. This provides the assurance your wood lockers are constructed of natural materials that are right for the environment and assures the forests from which this wood was harvested will be available for future generations.

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UV Wood™

UV Wood™ by Columbia Forest ProductsUV Wood™, by Columbia Forest Products, is an assembled product similar to UF (urea formaldehyde) bonded panels with this critical difference: no formaldehyde.

Because UV Wood™ is formaldehyde-free, there are no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Emissions to be found in the production or use of this outstanding material.

A wide variety of hardwood face and back combinations available from UV Wood™ make numerous design options available for your LEED compliant wood lockers.

View UV Wood™ Product Sheet - 2 pages (.pdf)

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PureBond™ by Columbia Forest ProductsPureBond™ is Columbia Forest Products' exclusive formaldehyde-free innovation for hardwood plywood manufacturing.

Replacing traditional urea formaldehyde (UF) hardwood plywood construction with environmentally safe PureBond™ construction enables Columbia to provide Florida Lockers with formaldehyde-free standard veneer-core and wheatstraw agrifiber-core panels. That's good news for Columbia's employees, Florida Lockers' employees, our customers and the environment.

Data Table PureBond™ by Columbia Forest Products

View PureBond™ Product Sheet - 2 pages (.pdf)

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Environmentally Friendly LEED Compliant Wood Lockers

Now your university, college, country club, high school, or other wood locker application makes a statement of not just who you are. Your decision to install new LEED compliant wood lockers will make a statement regarding the high priority you've made to support strengthening our environment.

You can be assured of your custom wood lockers meeting the highest quality standards. We're also confident of our ability to exceed your high expectations for your wood locker project.

We appreciate your interest in Florida Lockers, manufactured by Broward Custom Woodwork, Managed by List Industries Inc.

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LEED Compliant Wood Lockers

Environmentally-Friendly Upgrade

An upgrade option for unmatched durability, beauty and the environment.

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