Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Project Category: Basketball Wood Lockers

Wood lockers set our Florida Lockers' projects far apart from the common athletic locker. Our wood lockers aren't always just for college baseball or college football teams. Sometimes, our projects include a high school or middle school aiming high to celebrate their team with quality wood lockers.

Sometimes, our projects include a college basketball team - as with Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

Northwestern's athletic department discovered us online and contacted us for an estimate for their wood locker project.

We provided guidance with regard to wood species and finish, which included clear finished red oak. Red oak is a standard selection for us, for its natural impact resistance, and its ready availability. Red oak is also fairly inexpensive, as hardwoods go. We also engineer wood lockers from other wood species, such as: ash, cherry, hard maple, mahogany, and white oak. Learning about our client's project early in the design phase enables us to suggest the best species of wood for their wood lockers.

Northwestern completed its own installation with our expert advice. The finished product, well-engineered by Florida Lockers, is exceptionally well-built and was shipped fully assembled, ready for installation. This was a great cost savings for the school and a great advantage for Florida Lockers during the proposal phase!

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