Hybrid Wood and Metal Locker

The Prestige of Fine Wood - The Affordable Price of KD

Hybrid Lockers - single tier
  • Lockers can be ordered fully-assembled or knock-down for assembly at destination.
  • Order 3-wide units for best value. Order 1-wide units to complete quantity needed for each continuous row.
  • Aluminum number plates (#1-up) with mounting hardware are included. Number plate face is black with silver etched numerals. If a special numbering sequence is required, please specify when ordering. Number sequence must be consecutive numbers equal to the number of openings (doors) ordered.
  • Built-in key locks are included.

Hybrid Locker Features

  • BODY CONSTRUCTION: Knock-down, 24 gauge sheet steel
  • BODY STYLES: Single, double and triple tier
  • DOOR: Furniture grade red oak plywood, finished with three coats formaldehyde free conversion varnish or equal
  • HINGES: Continuous piano type
  • HOOKS: Two single hooks per single and double tier opening. One double prong ceiling hook for triple tier.
  • COAT RODS: Standard for single and double tier
  • SHELVES: Hat shelf in single tier lockers only
  • LEGS: 6" high legs are standard. Lockers without legs are available at a nominal charge
  • APPEARANCE: Color: black frame with red oak doors
  • NOTE: Other optional locking methods also available

We can work from your designs, or choose from ours.

Custom designs, sizes and wood types are available upon request.

Hybrid Lockers

Stock Sizes:

Width Depth Opening
Group KD Catalog # Assembled
Catalog #
Single Tier
12 18 72 78 1-Wide UW1288-1MEW UW1288-1A-MEW ME/Wood
12 18 72 78 3-Wide UW3288-1MEW UW3288-1A-MEW ME/Wood
15 18 72 78 1-Wide UW1588-1MEW UW1588-1A-MEW ME/Wood
15 18 72 78 3-Wide UW3588-1MEW UW3588-1A-MEW ME/Wood
Double Tier
12 18 36 78 1-Wide UW1288-2MEW UW1288-2A-MEW ME/Wood
12 18 36 78 3-Wide UW3288-2MEW UW3288-2A-MEW ME/Wood
15 18 36 78 1-Wide UW1588-2MEW UW1588-2A-MEW ME/Wood
15 18 36 78 3-Wide UW3588-2MEW UW3588-2A-MEW ME/Wood
Triple Tier
12 18 24 78 1-Wide UW1288-3MEW UW1288-3A-MEW ME/Wood
12 18 24 78 3-Wide UW3288-3MEW UW3288-3A-MEW ME/Wood



Width Depth Height       KD Catalog # Color
Closed Front Base
12   6       KCFB12ME   ME
15   6       KCFB15ME   ME
Closed Side Base
  18 6       KCSB18ME   ME



Click on the photos to enlarge.

Hybrid Lockers - triple tier
hybrid Lockers - single tier with legs
Hybrid Lockers - Triple tier, 1-wide, shown with Optional Closed Base
Hybrid Lockers - Double tier




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Red Oak Wood Lockers

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LEED Compliant Wood Lockers

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An upgrade option for unmatched durability, beauty and the environment.

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