Hard Maple Wood Species

Hard maple is very similar in general characteristics to Yellow Birch. It is heavy, hard, strong and resistant to shock and abrasion. The heartwood of the tree is reddish brown and its sapwood is near white with a slight reddish brown tinge. Another natural characteristic is the prevalence of dark mineral streaks (predominantly in the heartwood), which can be minimized in the sapwood by selective cutting. Like Birch, common usage of descriptive terms does occasion some confusion. The term "Natural" or "Unselected" Maple indicates that the lumber or veneer may contain both the white sapwood and the darker heartwood. The term "White" Maple, which is illustrated, means that the lumber or veneer is selected and separated from the pieces containing the dark heartwood. Unlike Birch, the heartwood is so low in content that no comparable selection is available. Maple's close identity with furniture and specialized industrial use overshadows its potential for architectural woodwork. Its modest cost, pleasing and mild grain pattern warrants its consideration, especially on items subject to hard usage. General availability is veneer form is limited but can be produced to special order.

Hard Maple wood species

"Guide to Wood Species", Copyright (C) 1977, Architectural Woodwork Institute.