White Oak Wood Species

White, like Red Oak, is perhaps one of the best known hardwoods in the world and its use for architectural woodwork is widespread. It is hard, strong and its heartwood has good weathering characteristics making its use for selected exterior applications appropriate. It is open grained and in its plain sawn form is highly figured. The heartwood varies considerably in color from light grayish tan to brown making the maintenance of color consistency difficult. Its sapwood is much lighter in color, is fairly prevalent and its elimination is accomplished by selective ripping. White Oak is often rift sawn or sliced producing a very straight grained effect or frequently quarter sawn or sliced producing straight grain, but with the "flake" of the medullary ray greatly pronounced. The special cuts mentioned are more readily retained in veneer form since the solid lumber cutting techniques greatly restrict its width and length potential.

White Oak wood species

"Guide to Wood Species", Copyright (C) 1977, Architectural Woodwork Institute.